Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu--uun!

Is it a girl thing? I’m having a great day. I’m feeling loved and supported by “my girls”, the fabulous 50-something women who’ve individually and independently re-invented themselves by starting their own businesses or jumping into new careers. For these women, it’s a case of ‘where do I go from here?’ Having raised their now-almost-adult-kids, they’re rightfully looking for fulfillment elsewhere.

I jokingly referred to my son, Adam’s volleyball team dinners that I catered recently, saying I should’ve charged a fee for my labor and not just the cost of the food. Going into that process was calculated on my part, not only because I truly am always looking for reasons to cook for people, but I also hoped it would afford me an opportunity to ‘get the word out’ on the launching of my new endeavor, No Reservations, home-cooked meals delivered to your door. And I am happy I did so; it was fun for me and it also let people know I’ll soon be open for business.

I’ve received much support from my girlfriends, and as a result, I feel like I’m jumping WITH a safety net. And that is priceless.

Not only have I received invaluable advice from my girlfriends, but despite what pop culture talking heads claim, we are not all competitive and trying to scratch each other’s eyes out. In fact, I have experienced just the opposite; we all want each other to succeed. It’s almost as if ‘your success is my success’, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Corny though it sounds, we ARE a “Sisterhood”.

Today my dearest friend, a fairly new real estate agent, invited me to cater the Brokers’ Open she was holding on a new, exclusive listing. I did so happily, hoping I would meet the standard she was holding out for this particular high-end property. Upon delivering the food to the property, I was delighted to find her teenaged daughter there as well. Together, the three of us had a ball laying out the food, congratulating each other on our new endeavors, and wishing each other ultimate success.

Here is a pic Emma, our youngest addition to the Gal Club captured on her phone/cam:

The event was a big success, both in terms of broker turn-out and interest in my food. We were all delighted for one another and vowed to continue our partnership to success. No matter what others tell you, good women friends are your very best resource. So relax and enjoy!


  1. The food looks fabulous and so festive! What a way to make people feel at home, and isnt that the idea when you're selling a property?

  2. Good News Update: My realtor girlfriend is holding another open house next week and has hired me to cater again! And the No Reservations Home Page is launching today---wish me luck!

  3. the food looks delicious and so pretty!

  4. How lucky can I be??? My best friend caters an amazing lunch at my broker's open in Beverly Hills and creates an atmosphere of true comfort of savory delights that a returning agent visiting the public open house on Sunday asks "What, no lunch??" and "can I have the caterer's business card and by the way my clients love this home!!!" I predict No Reservations will be a huge success for my dear friend Suzanne Ferleger. Of course, the business person that I am, I quickly hired her to provide her dilicious treats for tomorrow's Broker's Open. Did I say "Lucky Me".....

  5. Awesome! You are soooo right...good girlfriends are hard to beat and they are your greatest cheerleaders. Your food looks just amazing and I see a very successful future in your new venture...good luck!

  6. Hey Cyndimac, WELCOME! My girlfriends have saved my life more times than I can count. Did I mention SISTERS are among the BEST girlfriends a gal can have?...and I'm lucky enough to have three (not to mention the best brother one could ask for!) Keep reading!

  7. I love your blog!! I'm so hungry now! Keep it up Suzanne. You are such a great writer. I think you have found your calling!